OUR MISSION / rooted in love

Our mission at the IamMore® Foundation is to reinvent the self-image of children who have been diagnosed with a debilitating physical ailment or chronic illness, whether diagnosed at birth or incurred through disease, and to empower their identity to be immeasurably more than their diagnoses. We wish to be the architects of their ideal image, facilitating experiences that allow them to identify with their passion, instead of being restricted within the boundaries of medical terminology. They should not be defined by their medical circumstances, but valued for their courage and strength. They should not live by what the doctors tell them, but should see the hope they offer others and the seeds of inspiration they can plant in this wonderful world.


  • The simple premise that no child, no matter their affliction, should live within the boundaries of their diagnosis. 

  • The preservation of passion. A diagnosis does not change who you are or what you love, it enhances your potential of becoming
    whatever you want to be!

  • Consistent, ongoing, and multidimensional service. Providing support while promoting physical, emotional, cognitive, and
    spiritual development.

  • The power of play. Through play a child can not only process and express their deepest emotions, but promote well-being and
    self-discovery and improve self-esteem.

  • The inclusion of siblings. The dynamic of a family may often change when chronic hospitalizations or a new diagnosis enters a
    home, but we understand the importance of offering positive experiences for all children that make up a family and allow
    opportunities to bond, cope, and grow together.

  • The inclusion of peers. We provide the opportunity to bond with and provide support for children in similar situations, as well as,
    the challenging social stigmas associatedwith a diagnosis.


Our focus is not acts of kindness, but to create 

                   opportunities to inspire and live a life rooted in love.


-Kat Leibbrandt, Founder

IamMore® Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our tax ID number is 47-3215536. All contributions are tax deductible.